Code of Chivalry

what is the code of chivalry?

No indicated code, rather a moral of knights characterized by these traits-
  • bravery
  • courtesy
  • honor
  • gallantry toward women- courageous behavior

Virtues that a knight should have-

  • faith
  • charity
  • justice
  • sagacity- the quality of having or showing good judgement
  • prudence
  • temperance
  • resolution
  • truth
  • liberality
  • diligence
  • hope
  • valour

What is corruption of the code?

History of corruption's start:

  • being able to "survive" at court

Going against all the traits of what knights are supposed to have to follow the code of chivalry

What is Chivalric romance?

Defined as:
  • adventures made by the knight to rescue a fair maiden and confront supernatural challenges
  • mainly focused on one task (one maiden)