3K News!

Week of December 15-19, 2014


12/23 Half day (12:30 Dismissal)

12/24-1/2 Winter Break

1/5- First day back (Day 6)

Thank you for attending your child's student led conference. Students were very excited to share all of their accomplishments and growths with you. 3K has already started to work on meeting our new goals!

Compare and Contrast

This week, 3K is learning how to compare and contrast. In addition to comparing and contrasting within one text, students are using their skills to compare and contrast different texts. Students read Chester's Way and Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse by Kevin Henkes. Students then worked together to create Venn Diagrams to find similarities and differences between the two books. This is a skill that we are going to continue to work on as the year continues!

Published Informational Texts

Students have been working very hard to publish their informational texts. Students are using their expert knowledge about a topic to teach their readers. 3K has written about a variety of topics such as: soccer, football, baseball, the movies, video games, taking care of new puppies, drawing, and taking trips to Florida. In 3K's informational texts, students have learned the importance of checking their facts, using text features, punctuating with paragraphs, balancing facts and ideas, and organizing their thoughts. We are very excited to share our writing with other 3rd grade classes in the New Year!