Beautiful Beach Side Cottage


Paradise Home For Sale!

Looking for a beautiful beach paradise? Well, this extravagant 2 bedroom, 2 bath home is looking for an economic, friendly owner who loves to get away from the city and late night traffic.

  • Quiet and private area for you relaxation
  • Perfect Tornado shelter for protection
  • Amazing place for children of all ages
  • Acres and acres of green to play on and look at
  • Also, wake up to a wonderful view of the beautiful beach waves and sky.
  • Great place for keeping warm in the winter with your cozy house

One in a lifetime deal.....

Enjoy this Beach side cottage by yourself or with family and friends. The beach view is guaranteed to mesmerize you. The warmth in the winter and cool in the summer house is just what you need to relax without being frightened by a tornado.

Get It Fast Before It's Gone!