Fraser Island

Facts About Fraser Island

The dingo population on Fraser is regarded as the purest strain of dingo remaining in eastern Australia.

Fraser Island once had flourishing timber and sand mining industries.

Fraser has over 40 freshwater lakes and is home to half of the known 'perched' lakes in the world.

Fraser Island was discovered by Captain James Cook in 1770.

There are around 230 species of bird life.

The Aboriginal name for the island was K'gari which means Paradise.

Central station has no trains! It was the central Forestry Department station/centre between 1920 to 1959.

Fraser Island was World Heritage Listed in December 1992.

The Island was named after Eliza Fraser who was shipwrecked there in 1836.

Fraser Island sits on a huge reservoir of fresh water.

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Fraser Island is located off Queensland's south eastern coast, just north of Noosa. Fraser Island isn't just an island paradise. It's a unique and luxurious combination of Australia's rich natural heritage, its earthy roots, its majesty, and its refreshingly simple essentials. It's a chance to touch the fine sands, to drift in the temperate water, and experience an amazing natural paradise.

Helicopter flight over Fraser Island


What do you think? Have you been to Fraser Island? Which plants of Australia do you find the most amazing? How would you feel if you come across a dingo?

Flora & Fauna

Fraser Island is home to more than 230 species of birds - one of the largest and most varied in Australia. Along the coastal landscape you can catch lovely oysters and you can see pelicans, dotterels, white_breasted sea eagles and much more.