Coupe menstruelle

What makes coupe menstruelle good in comparison to tampons?

From a very long time, tampons and sanitary pads are being used during their menstrual periods for collecting menstrual fluid so that the staining can be avoided. But the fact is that there is one better alternative in the market that not many women know about. Few women stick to the pre-existing methods; however at time trying out new methods might lead to using only new ones. Coupe menstruelle is the new alternative to tampons and pads. This one is certainly the best thing for women. A good thing about these is that it can be used again and again and it is durable also. Lots of varieties of these cups are available and among them, some are not reusable.

Do you know exactly what a coupe menstruelle is? These cups are very flexible and for collecting the menstrual fluid you need to insert it into vagina. These cups will not soak up menstrual fluid such as tampons and sanitary pads. Majority of these cups are produced out of silicone or rubber. If you have an allergy to latex then make sure that you search for cups that are made from silicone material.

Menstrual cups being reusable, you will be required to change it numerous times throughout your menstrual period. In case you have heavy flow then these cups can be a good option. Do you know the cleaning process of this cup? Make sure that you use hot water to rinse coupe menstruelle France so that the germs are removed and after this you can use it again.

Here are some of the benefits of menstrual cups:

Lower landfill waste and low costs:

When you use the coupe menstruelle, you save a lot of money. The reason is that the cups can be reused and that too for a decade. This clearly shows that it will save a lot of your hard earned money. On top of that, it being reusable there will be less landfill waste and with this, you will assist in saving your environment. Prior to purchasing one you need to make sure that you check the label of the box properly.

No awkward smell:

There is no need for you to worry about the embarrassing odor as there would not be any when you use the cup menstruelle. The main reason behind this is that the fluid does not get exposed to air just like it does with pads as well as tampons.

Maintaining vaginal PH balance:

With the use of the coupelle menstruelle, the vaginal PH balance is maintained. This level can be retained because the cup collects the fluid and does not absorb fluid such as pads and tampons.

Few visits to the drug store:

Although if you change the cup every year, still you will have to pay less visits to drug stores.

Fewer changes:

Normally, tampons are required to be changed within five hours but this depends on your menstrual fluid. With the cup menstruelle, you can try here the cup up to 12 hours and a few hours less during heavy flow days.
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