September Newsletter

7th Grade

A Preview of What is Ahead This Month

Science: We will begin taking a look a Earth's interior by discussing plate tectonics, continental drift, volcanoes and tsunamis. We will conclude our study of this Unit by watching the movie "The Impossible". Students will also spend some days in the computer lab researching their Science Fair topic and will begin typing their research paper. Assistance will be provided in their ELA classes.

English Language Arts (ELA): Students will begin reading "Journey to the Center of the Earth". Reading this book during this time will build on what students are already learning in their Science class. We will help students write their research essay for their Science projects. In addition there will be a Vocabulary test on September 11th.

ICT: Students will begin exploring careers in each of the 16 National Career Clusters. During this unit he/she will take a career survey to help them choose the right career choice. This will be an exciting unit as we continue to learn through our use of Power Points, videos and websites. Each student will research his/her career choice using a rubric and present a Power Point for their grade. The teacher will provide assistance as needed.

Social Studies: Students will go back in time to see what China and Islamic Civilizations were like. They will continue their research assignments and complete some journal topic presentations. We also hope to welcome some guest speakers and will discuss current events on a regular basis.

Ofiice: Progress Reports will be sent home on September, 10, 2015.


Laikyn Bolin and Jotham Shoemake are the Students of the Month for 7th Grade.

Seminary Middle School

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