Mercury the rock god.

by Drew Anderson.

What we know about Mercury.

Imagine living on a entire planet closest to the sun. There is so much you can learn about Mercury. There are some gigantic planets out there however Mercury is not one of those planets. Now Mercury is huge but compared to other planets, it is tiny. It is the smallest planet that we know of. It is 35,980,000 miles big right. Mercury may be the second smallest planet in are solar system. But it is one of the most dense. Density is a measurement that that how heavy something is. Mercury is a dense planet with a density of 5.4 while Earths density is 5.5. Mercury is so dense because it has a large iron core in the center.
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How does Mercury compare to other planets.

Mercury is a lot like other planets too. Mercury is a very rocky planet in our solar system. Other rocky planets are Venus,Mars,Earth and Pluto if you count it. Mercury is the closest planet to the sun. It is 36 million miles away. It seems like a lot but Earth is even farther. Earth is 93 million miles away from the sun. Like all Of the other planets in our solar system Mercury travels around the sun it follows around an elliptical path. Earth has a atmosphere it’s a air or gas that surrounds our planet. Earth has a big atmosphere Mercury has almost none.
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What is Mercury made out of?

Let's find out about Mercury's surface. Mercury is a very rocky planet other rocky planets include Venus,mars and Earth. Mercury is a heavy planet because it's large iron core in the center Mercury is also surround with massive craters. A crater is a huge hole Mercury also has a layer of liquid material. Also Mercury has a thin rocky crust.

Mariner 10.

Mariner 10 is a probe that first left on March 1974. Mariner 10 is the probe that that found out Mercury rotates. And that days there are 1,408. Imagine that school day. Mariner 10 uses gravity to move all around the solar system or wherever it can get. To help Mariner 10 with moving, Mariner 10 uses solar panels. Mariner 10 Learned that Mercury goes through phases just like the moon. We knew some things about Mercury before Mariner 10 but it thaught us a whole lot more.
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I did not put everything here you know . There is still plenty of stuff you can learn about Mercury. Maybe you can do this too. There are a lot of other cool planets too. Like Saturn, Neptune, Mars and more. Or you can study the dwarf planet Pluto. Mercury the rock god is definitely the planet.