Republic Of Ethiopia

Culture of The Republic Of Ethiopia

The People

Ethiopia's population is 67.9 Million people right now, but it is continuously growing by 1.89 Percent. The Official Language in Ethiopia is Amharic, A mix language between Arabic and Hebrew. 200 Different Dialects are spoken in Ethiopia. In Ethiopia, men and women Officials working in offices wear Western style clothing. Most women wear Traditional style dresses, but in central Ethiopia And North Ethiopia women wear White cotton Clothing Decorated in various designs.
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Ethiopian Adults usually kiss on cheek upon greeting. When at the table, Ethiopians avoid passing stuff with the left hand. While their left hand is at their side. It is expected to also respect elder adults. Ethiopians eat two or three daily meals a day. Children often eat before adults, except on special occasions.
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Ethiopia is a Federal Republic. The Prime Minister has a strong Executive Authority. Addis Ababa and other Major cities have some medical facilities. But most Ethiopians don't have access to proper health care.
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