IR Project: The Red Pyramid

GP 3

Carter Kane

Carter Kane is a 14 year old that travels around the world with his dad. He has long black hair and olive colored skin. His dad is an archaeologist that specializes in Egyptian artifacts. Carter is a very smart kid because of this. Carter knows the history of Egypt and its gods and goddesses. His Egyptian knowledge helps him throughout the book, keeping him alive.

Sadie Kane

Sadie Kane is a 12 year old girl with quite the attitude. She is a very bossy, independent girl. She spent the first five years of her life with her family until her mom died. Ever since then, her grandparents have raised her in London. She doesn't know much about egyptology, but can find her way out of almost any situation.


In the beginning, Carter and his sister Sadie are going to the British Museum with their dad. Their dad, Julius Kane, is trying to decipher the Rosetta Stone- or at least that is what they think. Unexpectedly, Julius tells his kids to lock the museum caretakers in their offices and they do as he says. When they come back they can't believe their eyes. Their dad is using Egyptian magic to try and bring his wife back from the dead. Accidentally, he releases five Egyptian gods. Set, the god of chaos, puts Julius into a coffin and the coffin sinks into the ground. Sadie and Carter are terrified, but know this is just the beginning of a long adventure.

Rising Action

During the rising action, Carter and Sadie go through a lot. It all starts when their uncle Amos takes them to a magical mansion in New York. They learn that the god in the museum that sent their dad through the ground in the coffin was Set, a god of chaos. What's worse, they learn he is planning to destroy the word as they know it. Later, they go to the first nome with their teacher Zia where they train to fight Set. Next, they discover that the god Horus and goddess Isis are using them as hosts. Zia teaches them to use this as an advantage and to channel the gods' powers into themselves. After they learn, Carter and Sadie try to learn more about Set and his plans. Once they know when he will strike and where, they set out to find the god of chaos.


Once Carter and Sadie find Set, they start the battle- but something is stopping them from destroying him. Their uncle Amos is Set's host. They fight and fight until Set is weak and can't fight back. Sadie and Carter send him to the daut where he can't return until he is called back.


Sadie and Carter get their uncle and father back. They also learn more about the gods hosting them and meet friends along the way. Carter and Sadie return back to normal life, but are expecting trouble to come again.


Carter and Sadie both learn that hard work pays off. If they had not put all of the training, research, work into the operation, the world could have ended and Set could have ruled.

Why I Chose This Nonfiction Website

I chose this nonfiction source because I wanted to learn more about the antagonist of my book, Set. Set was one of the most ancient of the Egyptian gods(Ancient Egypt Online). "He was a storm god associated with strange and frightening events such as eclipses, thunderstorms, and earthquakes," says Ancient Egypt online. Set also has many names. He is called Set, Seth, Setekh, Sut, Sutekh, and Sety. According to Ancient Egypt online, he was not always considered to be an evil being. Set was a friend of the dead, helping them ascend to heaven on his ladder, and he protected the life giving oases of the desert, and was at times the powerful ally to the pharaoh and even the sun god Ra.