Organization Skills

Why is organization important?

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Organization activity

You will each get a bag with toys.

Your instructions are to:

  • Build a Jenga structure
  • Put the puzzle together
  • Build a house with Lego

You a have 2 minutes to complete your tasks.

Discussion questions:

1. Were you able to complete your tasks?

2. Was it difficult or was it easy? Why or why not?

3. What would you change about this activity to make it better?

Organization is really helpful

Organizing helps you by being neat and tidy. Being organized could make your life easier and knowing how to find things. Here are some examples: If you are picking a cloth to wear today and you just threw your favorite shirt in the ground with pile of cloths then the next day you won't able to find it. Also you could organize your binder by getting dividers. Finally you could also use calendars and agendas to keep track due dates.

The Basics of Being Organized

  1. Knowing how to find something when you need it.
  2. Remembering to do something that you are suppose to do. Like if you not remember something then use the calendar and that's the perfect place to remember.

As long as you can do both of these things, how you do them is up to you.

How can I practice this skill?

  1. I could use a divider for each of the subject.
  2. I could use a different binder for other subjects.
  3. Even I could use a Agenda for due dates.

Why is this an important skill for your future career?

  1. Employers want organized work place.
  2. Organization keeps safe environment.
  3. Because your organized your boss will trust that you will do the job right.
Organizational Skills