What's up in the Library?

January 2016

Dr. Cardwell's Class Takes a Reading Break in the Library

Class Visits

Classes at HTHS got right back into the swing of things this semester. I had 105 classes come into the library in January. 11th grade English and some of 10th grade English were working on their research papers this month, which brought a lot of traffic into the library. This is the first year HTHS library has tracked class use so unfortunately I can't look at the year over year use.

Need a Lab or Cart? Make Your Reservations Early!

Remember that it's research season! The Spring semester books quickly, so try to make your library, lab, and mobile cart reservations early. I've combined the forms into one for your convenience and it does not require a login, so you don't even need to be logged into your TCS Google account to fill it out. I promise it's really easy! I've included the link below. Feel free to bookmark it for future use.

We're Genrefied!

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The genrefication process is (mostly) complete in the fiction section. Any books that are checked out obviously haven't been incorporated yet, but all of the fiction books in the library have been moved into browsable sections based on their genre. It's proving to be much easier for students to browse for a book and they can still search for any particular book they want using the online catalogs at the desk.

New books!

Thanks to a great deal when signing up for Junior Library Guild, I got a box of free books this month. I added a total of 77 new books (both fiction and nonfiction) in January. You can check out some of the new titles using the link below.


This January has been an unusually low-circulating month. With only 464 circulated items, I'm down from the last two years. This could be due to the genrefication process or it could be because several English classes moved their research up to January and were not reading books in their classes during this month. Last year, we collaborated on an independent reading project with all of the 11th grade, which upped our circulation for the month. The lack of that could also be a factor. I'd really like to try to get the circulation back around the 600 range.
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Books by Circulation Type

Fiction is, of course, the top circulating type, but I'm really pleased to see that nonfiction made up 20% of the circulation. This is probably due to research, but it's nice to see nonetheless. It's a goal of mine to make nonfiction a little more visible and browsable since we have some really amazing nonfiction.
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Book Recommendations

I love to recommend books! I know that not everyone has the same taste as me, but I try to read widely and would love to offer a few recommendations from what I've read in the past few months. I apologize if we don't have a couple of these in the school library. It's just because I've read them recently and haven't ordered them yet.