Male Condom

By: Gianna M and Bre G TB:4

What is a Male Condom?

A barrier method of contraception, a thin sheath made of latex worn on the penis when erect

How do male condoms work?

Keeps the semen from entering the vagina

How well does it work?

Prevents pregnancy although, it does guarantee it. It may break when using it. 21 out of 100 couples couples have an unintended pregnancy.

What does a condom protect you from?

Offers you protection from getting STIs including HIV and AIDS. Although it doesn't protect you from infections spread from sores on the skin.

What are the side effects of using a condom?

Some side affects are...

  1. Allergy to latex condom
  2. Irritation of the penis from sperm asides or lubricants that some condoms are treated with

Who uses male condoms?

Couples who are responsible enough to stop and put a condom on each time before having sex.

People who want to protect against STIs

How do you get a condom?

You can get a condom at a drugstore, supermarket, and vending machines.

How much do male condoms cost?

it costs around 0.50$ to $1 each


Using condoms are one of the safest ways to protect yourself. There is still always a chance though that a woman can still get pregnant. Its worth the investment to stay safe while having sex.