Tessering Time

Tesser to Anywhere...


Symbolism is something that represents something else. In A Wrinkle In Time, evil is the strongest symbol. The Man With The Red Eyes and The Black Thing represent very powerful evil in this book. Symbolism is important to A Wrinkle In Time because it shows the difference between the good and the bad. Everything in Camazotz is very symbolic. If the reader were to see the planet, they would notice that nothing there represents anything happy, because everything there is dull, and dark, and all visitors can only feel fear when they are there.


Mood is a unique literary element. In A Wrinkle In Time the reader usually feels frightened of whats going to happen next. Sometimes, the mood of the book can even decide if the reader wants to keep reading or not. Also, the mood of the book or hero can affect the reader as well.


Setting is a very common word people hear. A setting is a place and time in which a series of events happen. In A Wrinkle In Time the setting changes pretty often; it starts out on Earth, then goes to Uriel, then to Camazotz, and even to a planet afer that. If the same plot was layed in a totally different setting the book wouldn't make sense, so the setting the author chooses for the book is very important.
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