Red Panda

That one Panda that looks like a fox.

The Red Panda

Also known as the distant cousin of the giant panda, it is endanered and is facinf problems with food shortages of bamboo, deforestation, and hunting.

Thoughts on it.

My personal thoughts on the Red Panda it is one of the more "adorable" endangered animals, which could be its saving grace as people flock to its aid because of its cuteness, with its own conservation website.

That being said it is a unique species that in many ways is like the giant panda but comes from a entirely different origin.


Thoughts on the Zoo

The climate inside the exhibit was warm as the glass a fogging up and it was slightly cold that day. There were trees inside where that they could sleep on (which they did). I didn't see any bamboo plants around that I could notice however I might have missed them or the feeders just toss in their food.