September 2015 Updates

Speed Dating with Books

Speed Dating with Books allows students a more interactive way of choosing a good book to read. I set up tables of books, usually 10-12 books a table, in a variety of genres. Students will sit down in groups of 4 at the tables and will have an opportunity to choose a book from to begin reading. They can read the back of the book, the inside cover, or even start the book to see if it catches their interest. If a student finds a book they are interested in reading, they will set it aside as a possibility. Students will do this multiple times as they rotate to different tables. I have found that speed dating with books allows every student finds at least one book that interests them if not 3-4. It is so important to give our students an opportunity to find a book to read for fun. It promotes reading, it engages students, and many find that books are interesting and enjoyable. If you are interested in scheduling a time to bring your classes down for speed dating with books, email me and we can set it up.
The database page on the library website was recently updated. I also updated the database handouts that are available for you and your students. I recently shared the database handout with everyone on google drive. Please make sure you do not post the handout to your website since it includes passwords for our school subscription.

Book Tasting

Book tasting is similar to speed dating except the books are separated by genre. Each table allows students to get a taste of each genre. Student who normally read a certain type of book will be introduced to ones they wouldn't normally read. This is a great way to expand a reader's interests and give students an opportunity to get a feel for each genre. If this is something you are interested in doing with your class, let me know!