Final Grade Deadlines

College of Liberal Arts - Fall 2015

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Final Grades Due FRIDAY, DECEMBER 18 at 11:59PM.

  • Timely grading impacts graduation, financial aid, continuation in sequenced courses, and is an important responsibility of all faculty members.
  • Enter grades for all students you're working with -- including independent studies, research, dissertation, etc.
  • Grade "sheets" continue on multiple pages. Click "SUBMIT" on every page!
  • You will need to submit an individual grade change request workflow for each student still missing a grade after the deadline has passed (11:59PM).
  • For technical assistance, contact the Help Desk, Annette Bakley, or Mandy Gibson

Want to confirm receipt of your grades? Log in to on the Faculty Tools tab Find the Self-Service Banner menu and choose "Grade History"

Incomplete Contracts

Incomplete Contracts must be approved by the grading deadline and are not valid unless signed by a representative of the Dean.
Shawn Schurr signs contracts for graduate students; Annette Bakley signs contracts for undergraduate students. Email the contracts after you and the student have signed them (or attach an email from the student confirming the remaining work is agreed upon).

The form for undergraduate students is here.
The form for graduate students is here.

Guidelines for contracts:
  • Student can have up to 1 year (exam week 2016) to complete their work.
  • Remaining work to finish the course must be less than half (up to 49%)
  • Students cannot attend/sit through another section of the course. All work must be made up independently/in consultation with you.
  • If a student has stopped attending and/or has not done at least half the work for a course s/he must receive the grade earned-- in most cases, this is an F. If there are extenuating circumstances then call the Dean's representative to discuss.
  • A default grade must be calculated with the assumption that no additional work will be submitted by the student. Base this on your grading schema. If the student still needs to complete 25% of the course requirements, average a zero (0) into the final grade calculation. In most cases, the default grade is a D- or F. It cannot be an A.
  • After one year, the "default" grade will become activated if you do not change it in the meantime.
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Concerned About Students Under Stress?

It is that point in the semester when some students begin to display signs of stress and might need referral to university resources. In addition to Tuttleman Counseling Services, there are a number of CLA staff members who may be able to assist, talk through options for how to handle difficult situations, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact any of us.
Rebecca Alpert, Senior Associate Dean 1-7712
Annette Bakley, Senior Vice Dean 1-3625
Amanda Gibson, Assistant Director- Undergrad Affairs 1-8504
Shawn Schurr, Vice Dean 1-3361
Chris Wolfgang Director, Center for Academic Advising and Professional Development 1-8662

Referring a Student to Counseling

Winter Break December 24- January 3.

  • All offices will be closed.
  • Most Temple University buildings will be closed.
  • Temple University Libraries - December Hours of Operation
  • All CLA/Temple University offices reopen on January 4.

Spring 2016 Begins Monday, January 11

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Best wishes for a restful holiday season and a very happy new year.