Digital Footprint

How to be a Good Digital Citizen


you need to respect to your digital reputation and to others as well. Don't became a person known for rude things.

make certain you know the digital etiquette and follow it respectfully

don't share files because it is illegal and bad so you could get in loads of trouble forit

Be Respectfull

your wrong doings

Don't illegally download music or videos as it can be harmful to the people who made the things. Also it is illegal to do so and you can get in serious trouble.

you need to be careful about sharing inappropriate things online. it can stay with you for your whole life. in the futor your boss could search up your name and find the inappropriate things.

cyber bullying is bad so you need to be respect full and always be nice. if you see somone else being cyber bullied you need to report them or make it stop.

Sam Bos