Secrets of Success

February 14, 2018


I am so excited to kick off our first Secrets of Success meeting this afternoon! Thank you to all of you that are going to step out and share your strategies for making school awesome for kids! We will have these meetings once a month and encourage all of you to share your greatness at some point.

Secrets of Success Valentine Presenters

· Chips, Salsa and a Drink – Welcome!

· Mary Kay Davis- Anxiety Buster Activity

· Christina Jackson- Math Journals

· Jennifer Martin- Activity for kids that need a break!

· Tammy Waller- Flubaroo – Google Add On

· Stacy Wood- Soft Start in Kindergarten

· Amy Drillette- Encouraging Kids Every Day!

· Joe Hook- Something Awesome!

Thank you for sharing your amazingness! Let's go forward and be more dog!!