Walt Disney

by Brett Schraufl

Walt Disney and his childhood

Walt Disney was born in Chicago Illinois on December 5,1901 his family was an ambitious and entrepreneurial family so they were really successful his dad Elias purchased a newspaper route and Walt and his brother started delivering the paper routes.

Walt Disney's career life

Walt Disney's career life was that he was a cartoon maker and he also had that little newspaper route when he was a kid he created Mickey mouse and he made snow white and the 7 dwarfs and he made 8 million dollars over it because it was the biggest movie hit of the year and when he made mickey mouse he created the "steam boat Willie" cartoon and then he made Disney land and Disney world.
Walt Disney Animation Studios' Steamboat Willie

Walt Disney's conflicts in life

When Walt Disney started making his cartoons he got a job in France and in France all of his cartoons got rejected but he still kept working on them and then he found a compant y called Iwerks-Disney with Ub Iwerks and then he found Disney bros and that is where he created the cartoon Mickey Mouse his conflict is character VS.society because he kept getting rejected and then he didn't have enough money to get a recording studio he solved his conflicts by not giving up and keep trying on making his cartoons and getting enough money to get a studio.
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The Theme of Walt Disney's life

The theme of Walt Disney is to never give up on your dreams no matter who doesn't like what you make because he never gave up no matter how many times he got rejected and he ended up making a lot of money and became famous and made famous cartoons that we still love today

A quote of Walt Disney

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Movies that Walt Disney made and the year they were made in

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