By: Max Schalm

Relative Location

Lezu is located in the present day Adirondack Mountains. It was established in 3000 B.C and was eradicated in 1532 A.C. Lezu got its name because of the bountiful amount of Lapis Lazuli.

Famous Landmarks

The Temple of Crota

In Lezu they worshiped the alien god Crota. The Temple of Crota was where Crota lived. It was made out of 100% precious metals. His silverware was made of lapis, his bed was made of gold, and the temple was made out of emeralds and diamonds. Crota brought his temple with him down from the moon.

Lezu Academy

The Lezu Academy is where everyone got their education. They learned how to fight, read, rule, and write. It was very inexpensive to.

The Great Wall of Huts

Since fishing was the main source of food in Lezu. They had over one hundred fishing huts in a row along the moose river.

Jobs and Responsibilities

If you were a man in lezu you could fish, hunt, metal work, pray to Crota, or cook. If you were a boy you could clean the house or help your dad. If you were a women in Lezu you could work for the government, or do the same things as the men. If you were a girl you could watch your mom in office, help your dad, or clean the house.

Terrain and Enviroment

In Lezu they had 2 seasons summer and fall. In summer it could be anywhere 60 to 75 degrees in summer and 50 to 65 degrees in fall. The highest elevation in Lezu is Mt. Kyle which is 29,028 almost as tall as Mt. Everest. They relied on moose creek and MJ lake for water.


The government in Lezu is a democracy led by only women. In Lezu it is believed that women are the most blessed, smartest, and pure of heart. In Lezu only women can vote. Some laws that Lezu has are no killing, always share what you have, and always give burnt offerings to Crota.


Lezu was a monotheistic religion who worshiped the alien god Crota. He lived in Crota's temple and was supposedly from the moon. The Lezu gave him burnt offerings like metals, bananas, and fish to keep Crota happy.

Famous People and Leaders

One famous person is Crota the god of fire. He was born from the rocks of mars and ascended to earth with his temple. Another famous person is Kyle the crazy founder of Lezu He was born from a squirrel and wanted to have a place to live and then he and his wife oda had many children and that is how Lezu started. He has a mountain named after him. Another famous person is Clarence who instituted the laws in Lezu she was the son of Kyle and was very smart.

Traditional Clothing

In Lezu they wear robes and shirts and if you were poor you would wear white and if you were rich you would wear died cloths. In ceremony they wore masks and robes brightly colored to please Crota.

Things their famous for

Lezu is famous for their lapis jewelry. They couldn't trade with anyone like china because they are surrounded by land forms. They had buildings like the romans with coloums. They also were famous for their fishing. They were very peaceful and had now one to fight but them selves they also painted for fun.