The Tsunami of 2004

the events of the tsunami of 2004

What Is a Tsunami

A tsunami is a large wave. Its caused by a earth quake beneath the sea. Tsunami's are predicted by buoy and other weather tools. Tsunami's might seem slow but they are still very dangerous. This one of 2004 was unpredictable and was catastrophic.

The Cause

The tsunami was caused by a 9.0 earth quake beneath the Indian ocean.

The After Effect

The tsunami effected many people even many countries. It effected 18 countries Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Maldives, Thailand. Killed at least 225,000 across dozens of countries. This left millions homeless. This 2004 event was was catastrophic.

The Resolution

After all this many countries came to help and they are starting to rebuild. Money and donations were given. Although few still have no homes they are given what they need to stay alive. They also have now put in new tsunami weather tools to help them predict them.