Decatur Weekly Newsletter

May 21, 2021

Continued Support As We Sprint To The Finish

Hey Gators. You have 4 weeks left, less than 3 for Seniors. Much of the information below will be geared towards Seniors and graduation but there is still information below that is important for underclassmen so please make sure you look through this entire newsletter.

For everyone, the finish line is in sight and we know you are anxious to graduate and/or get started with your summer break. Please know that if you are behind in your classes, you still have time to get caught up. If you doing well in your class, awesome! Please continue with effort and finish strong. Your teachers really need to see you in class everyday and want to do everything they can to support you to learn the material and pass your classes. All you need to do is reach out if you need support.

Seniors, if you receive a message on Monday that you need to attend a support session on Wednesday, you need to be there. It means you have not completed a graduation requirement and you will not be able to attend the ceremony and graduate if you don't get the work done. More information in the newsletter below.

IF YOU HAVE NOT COMPLETED YOUR HSBP, YOU DO NOT GRADUATE OR GET TO WALK IN THE CEREMONY. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT WE CAN GET YOUR HSBP SIGNED OFF AND CLEARED IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT BY JUNE 3RD. The Senior Support message will not go to all Seniors, it will only go to those that need to attend that weeks' support session. Each week will have a specific focus. We want you be there to walk at graduation so let's get caught up!

Also Seniors, if you missed picking up your cap and gown at the big drive-thru event last month, you are welcome to come to the building on Wednesday to pick it up. We will be there to help you from 8:00 AM until 2:30 PM.

Please stay safe, enjoy your weekend and remember the words of a former Gator, Dom Cook, "It is, and always is, a great day to be a Gator! Yitadee!!!"

Upcoming AP Tests This Week

Here are the tests happening next week:

  • Biology Q1/3: 5/27 - 8:30 am
  • English Lang & Comp Q1/3: 5/26 - 8:30am
  • Comparative Gov & Poli Q1/3: 5/28 - 8:30am
  • Human Geo Q1/3: 5/28 - 8:30am
  • Micro Econ Q1/3: 5/28 - 12:30pm

Important Message for Seniors That Have Not Completed Their HSBP

HSBP is a state graduation requirement. You will not graduate or receive a diploma without fully completing this requirement.

We have the following opportunities for you to receive support for completing the HSBP

Senior Support Nights: All nights from 5:30-7:30pm:

Seniors, please check your email for a message about in-person supports available for seniors with "I" contracts and incomplete HSBPs.

Last Quarter to Complete "I" Contracts

Scholars with I contracts should be making progress towards completion. If you have an I contract (an incomplete grade contract), please make sure that the work is completed and submitted to your teacher so your grade can be updated. Please make this a priority. Time is running out and you need to earn the credit!

Did You Miss the Graduation Webinars?

If you missed the Graduation Webinars, links to watch the recordings are available on the Senior Resource Page:

Senior Scholarship Opportunity

The $1,000 Golden Gator Scholarship is now open! To apply, seniors must have a 3.0 GPA, be in good standing, participated each year in a DHS club or activity and have been enrolled all 4 years at Decatur. Applicants will need to write a two-page essay and include their transcript and a confidential letter of recommendation. Seniors will email their submissions to Ms. Novak at by June 1, 2021. Go to for more information on requirements and the essay prompt. The application submission deadline is June 1st.

Apprenticeship Opportunity for Juniors and Seniors

Decatur HS is looking for two candidates (juniors or seniors) for the Summer 2021 High School Sheet Metal Pre-Apprenticeship class. During this 6-week program where you will learn skills in the sheet metal trade, including industry math, fabrication and welding. If you are interested in being nominated then please email me by June 17.

School-Based Health Center Now Open for Decatur Students

We’re so lucky to have a School Based Health Center that can serve our Decatur High School students’ needs!

Remember, if your child needs medical or mental health services, these are available at no cost to your student.

Whether your child needs a sports physical, immunizations, primary care, mental health counseling, or other medical needs, make an appointment by calling the TAF@Saghalie School Based Health Center at 253-804-3589. Appointments for in-person, telephone, or virtual visits.

Safety is a Top Priority

Here are some important reminders for scholars returning for in-person learning:

  • All staff and scholars are required to wear masks at ALL times at our school campus and on the bus. If a scholar doesn't comply with wearing a mask, the school principal will call the parent/guardian to come and pick up the child.
  • Social distancing will be enforced in all areas and there will be regular handwashing throughout the day.
  • Visitors will not be allowed on campus in order to minimize the number of people on campus.
  • You can find more details around our safety protocols in our Hybrid Model Family Guide at: or the Hybrid Model Staff Guide at:

Timely Updates from Superintendent Dr. Campbell

Please be sure to reference Dr. Campbell’s Friday e-Newsletter for the most up-to-date information related to our planning for in-person learning.

School Buildings Closed to the Public

Due to the high number of COVID cases in our community, all district buildings including Decatur High School will remain closed to the public. If you have a need that can only be resolved in-person, please call 253-945-5212 to schedule an appointment.

Thank you for your understanding.