Multigenre project

by: Skylor Foli

work #1 Ballad

Beowulf God's warrior

Beowulf, truster of God and fate

Many trials he did endure

Never off task, not one second late

The evil in the world did he demur

When Grendel arose with mighty power

Beowulf came to all our rescue

Commissioned by God in that fateful hour

Grendel was slain in the name of grace

Even though, trouble still brewed and stirred

Grendel’s Mother had been disturbed

None other than Beowulf to usher peace

Descended down and killed that beast.

After time and passed and the last battle came

Beowulf along with Wiglaf were on the move

The mighty dragon had rose to fame

But no match for Beowulf and his new guest

The dragon was slain and all seemed well

But Beowulf was harmed in the fight

In his last moments, Wiglaf he proceeded to tell

He would give up his power and might

But before the last word was said

Beowulf gave thanks to God and then he was dead

work #2 Letter from Grendel to his mother

Beowulf Letter from Grendel to his mother: Religion

Dear Mother,

It has been some time hasn't it? I am glad to be in communication with you once more, but I need not trouble you and waste time with such trivial greetings; we have a quite the quandary on our hands. As you know I have acquired the title of the most mightily feared tyrant in these lands and I insist my bloodthirst for men to not be quenched. I owe these attributes to you. However, there lies a challenge in my path that may prove to be of great toil. A man named Beowulf has sworn to avenge his people and destroy me. Though there have been many men before him to attempt to do the same and come out in utter failure, I suspect there is something different about this man, something... holy. I have heard from various sources that this Beowulf claims to be a strongly religious man of mighty faith, unlike the other warriors who sacrifice to their stone Gods; such child's play it was to vanquish them! But Beowulf, I fear, has the utmost faith that God is on his side, and I recall since the day of my birth you have bestowed upon me the knowledge that such is our greatest weakness. I write not to give you my final words, but so you know that I will use everything you have taught me and hold back no hate or wicked power in order to overcome this trial. The one thing I ask of you is if I do come to be unsuccessful in my tribulation, that you would make sure Beowulf does not succeed. Use every vile thing in your sinister arsenal to make sure that Beowulf's faith does not overcome us. As you always say, “The light must not prevail”.

Best regards, your son

work #3 Newspaper article

Three Secular and Deceitful Brothers Get a Taste of Fate

Two days ago on March 29, three vain brothers were up to their malicious deeds. Presumably drunkenness, swearing, and curses were all a part of these men's typical night. After being informed that one of their friends had been killed by a shadowy figure called Death. Enraged in their drunkenness, these men went searching for Death with the intent to get revenge. On their trail to find Death they cross paths with an impoverished old man barely hanging on to his last grips of life. Greedily, they demanded information of where they could find this Death, and after their receiving of the information selfishly leave this man to die with no intent of coming back. Once they arrive at their destination they found no Death but instead 8 bushels of gold coins which they intended to steal and use for their own inward desires. However one of these men sent the youngest of the brothers into town to get food, and while he was gone created a plan to kill the brother when he arrived back so they would not have to split the money. Once their plan had been carried out and they had slain their own youngest brother they celebrated with more wine that the youngest brother had gathered from town. Little did they know that the youngest brother had a plan in action even after his death. He had acquired some vile poison from an apothecary in town in place of the wine so he may kill his brothers and keep the riches for himself. Oblivious to this, the brothers drank merrily and with abandon. Just minutes later, all three of their bodies lie next to each other on the ground. It is a shame that these men were not active members of the church with a love for God lest they may have had a different fate awaiting them. Death they searched for and indeed death they found. Let this be a lesson for all who read; greed only leads to ruin.