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August 14, 2020

“This is a new year. A new beginning. And things will change.” – Taylor Swift

**First Day of School- Monday, August 24**

**Millburn will start the year REMOTELY**


  • Return Plans Update (NEW)
  • iPads (NEW)
  • School Supplies(NEW)
  • MBAC Center for Remote Learning (NEW)
  • MBAC (NEW)
  • Face Masks
  • Paraprofessional Openings at D24 (NEW)
  • EPIC News (Updated)

Return Plans Update

Another busy and productive week of planning. Here are some updates for you:

  1. We continue to plan for in-person learning later in September. Therefore, classrooms have been made based on parents choosing remote or in-person from earlier this summer. It was our goal to make sure classrooms were one or the other to help manage the class for the teacher. We also wanted to make sure we evened out the classes the best we could.
  2. We did receive many requests to group students together this week after my email on Monday. Please note that we only accepted requests if parents are teaming up with other families due to parent work schedules.
  3. An email will be sent on Tuesday that will notify you of your child's teacher. We have typically done this by parents accessing Powerschool, but for this year, you will get a direct email from us stating your child's teacher. The email will state In-Person or Remote and then the name of your child's teacher.
  4. Our teachers have materials they would like their students to have to start the year. Some grade levels would like these materials in their students' hands before the first day, other grade levels will be waiting until the first week of school. We will be doing a pick-up of materials at designated times for each grade level.
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Students in grades K-3 who do not have an iPad will receive theirs next week at their grade level pike-up time (see above). 4th and 5th graders who do not have an iPad were sent an email today about their pickup times. If your child is in 4th or 5th grade, does not have a school-issued iPad, and didn't get an email, please contact me at

School Supplies

Please click below to view updates on supply lists for each grade level.

Mr. Gorr has been working on adjusting his music curriculum for the school year this summer not that all specials will be asynchronous this year. He would like to have all 2nd-5th grade students to have a recorder to use for remote learning activities that he will share out. Recorders are a woodwind musical instrument in the flute family. He will be having students utilize these to help reinforce the skill of pitch and rhythm. He is only asking for one per family so siblings could share if needed.

Families can find recorders online in many places and can choose either plastic or wooden ones (wooden is more expensive). Here are a few sites that we found that have low-cost recorders:

West Music


Mr. Gorr will not need these right away, but please have them by the end of September. He will then share our lessons in October for students to start using the recorders remotely for music class.

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MBAC Center for Remote Learning

We are committed to providing structures that will meet the needs of our families. Therefore, we are creating a Center for Remote Learning for students who are participating in in-district Remote Learning and need the support of the school district for adult supervision during the school day. The purpose of the Center is to provide supervision for students who do not have adults available at home during the school day, and do not have other possible settings for learning. Tutoring or individual instruction will NOT be available as part of the Center for Remote Learning. This will be available at Millburn Elementary School at a cost of $39 per day.

Families hoping to enroll should email Mr. Jimichael Slaby at Specific information will be communicated to you electronically on Tuesday, August 18th.

MBAC Registration

Once we return to in-person learning, MBAC will once again provide before and after school care for students. If you are interested in using this for your child, please complete the registration paperwork (see below) and submit it to Mr. Jimichael Slaby at

Face Masks

As we continue to plan our return with students in the fall, we know that the use of masks will be essential to our learning environment. We are sure your child has already experienced wearing a mask at times over the last few months. Now the challenge will be wearing it for longer periods of time.

There are many companies that are selling masks, but which one is right for you? It really is like choosing a pair of shoes. You want them to be comfortable and still serve the purpose. The CDC recommends face make following these guidelines:

  1. Face masks should fit snugly and comfortably
  2. They must be secured with ties or ear loops
  3. They should comprise multiple fabric layers
  4. You should be able to breathe without restriction while wearing the face mask
  5. You should be able to wash the face masks without causing damage or losing the face mask’s shape

We do suggest families start looking for options for their child and to have them get use to wearing it for longer periods of time. Try wearing the mask around the house in relaxed environments: watching TV, playing a family game, etc.

Paraprofessional Postions Openings

School year position, but benefits are 100% paid for the full year. 100% paid insurance includes medical, dental, vision, long-term disability, and $50,000 life. Enrolled in Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF); vested after 10 years. Paid time off includes sick and personal leave. Starting salary is $12.07 unless applicant is experienced.


Primary Function: To provide support to one or more students with disabilities, enabling them to receive greater benefit from the district’s instructional program.

Organizational Relationships: The Special Education Paraprofessional receives guidance from the classroom teacher and reports to the Administration.

Performance Responsibilities:
  1. Under the supervision of the teacher, work with student or students to reinforce concepts initially introduced by the teacher.
  2. Assist student(s) in organizing tasks, schedules, materials or assignments.
  3. Establish a positive and supportive relationship with the student(s), which encourages independent functioning rather than dependency.
  4. Assist the teacher in devising special strategies for reinforcing the skills of individual students based on their needs, interests, or abilities.
  5. Help students operate and care for equipment or instructional materials assigned by the teacher.
  6. Distribute and collect workbooks, papers, and other materials for instruction,
  7. Guide independent study, enrichment work, and remedial work set up and assigned by the teacher.
  8. Assist with the supervision of student(s), including during emergency drills, assemblies, play periods, lunchtime, trips to the office, nurse, Media Center or field trips.
  9. Check notebooks, correct papers, and supervise testing and make-up work, as assigned by the teacher.
  10. Help student(s) with their clothing, dressing skills as needed.
  11. Assist with lunch, snack, and clean-up routines
  12. Assist with wash-up and toilet routines.
  13. Help student transition from one room to another.
  14. Alert the teacher to any problem or special information about the assigned student(s).
  15. Maintain the same high level of ethical behavior and confidentiality of information about students as is expected of fully licensed teachers.
  16. Participate in inservice training programs, as assigned.
  17. Support established classroom and behavior management procedures.
  18. Perform other duties that may be assigned by supervisor.

Terms of Employment: Must have or obtain a paraprofessional license as issued by the State of Illinois.
180 work days salary and work year established by the Board of Education.


Box Tops: Don’t forget about your Box Tops! If you would like to submit any Box Tops that you have, please email us at: We will be happy to pick them up from your porch or mailbox. Any Box Tops submitted over the summer will be saved for the 2020-2021 school year and your child will get credit for their new classroom. Don’t forget to scan your grocery receipt to earn digital Box Tops for Millburn!

Jimano’s $$: Are you ordering dinner from Jimano’s? Look on your pizza box for the ‘Piece of Education’ logo and save that tab - Jimano’s will donate back to Millburn for each one of those saved! Turn these into the school with your Box Tops. Have a lot and want to give them now? Contact us at

Coca-Cola Give: Coca-Cola Give is a new destination for donating to your school. Each bottle of Coca-Cola products has a code on the inside of the bottle cap. (Not just soda – Dasani water, Powerade, Honest, etc).

2 Ways to give us the codes:

Enter the codes online Click Donate to your Local School. Enter Millburn Middle School or Millburn Elementary School (please make sure it is for the Illinois school NOT the New Jersey one). Join or sign in when you have an account.


Send us the caps: contact us at We will sent up a pick up time and we will do the work for you.

Board Elections: We are going holding elections in the fall. Open positions will be: Vice President, Secretary, Community Fundraising Director, MMS Activity Director and MES Activity Director. If you are interested in a position and would like to reach out to us please contact us at

Amazon Smile: Do you use Amazon? Consider making your orders through Amazon Smile –Millburn EPIC will get a percentage of every order done in our name. See the virtual backpack for the easy instructions.

For more information visit our website at

Questions or concerns contact us at

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