We can reconstruct the world!

Becoming an mechanical engineer

School = Safety

As a mechanical engineer, you could overcome many of the worlds problems. But it's just like you can take anything and just throw it into a magical working machine. You have to go to school to learn what's what and how it works. Even though it's fun and helpful, you don't want to risk hurting your self or anyone else. The longer you go to school the safer/smarter you become. Depending on how you would want use your knowledge of mechanical engineering, you should go to school (college) for at least 2 - 4 years. If you want to work for a big business or want to be more advanced then others, you should go for 6 years. You don't have to go for this long, but it would put you at an advantage if you do.

Do I have to work for a big business to Make a lot of money?

Just because you had to go to school for a while to learn how everything works, you don't have to work for large companies. HELL, they probably got 150+ people just like you already working for them. Some of the best ideas come from your self when your alone or with friends and family. Once an idea pops into your head, get the right parts and work on it in your garage or some place that you can concentrate. When your done, get a patent on it, find a business that'll buy it and sell your masterpiece. I'm not saying that you can't work for a big business. I'm just saying that you don't have too.
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Building up the Benefits

Some of the benefits of becoming an engineer is you get to fool around with the different Gadgets. You can help create stuff that can help change the world for the better. And you can live your dream. Also you make a salary of $80,580 per year (depending on what you make, how useful/fun it is, and where you sell your item).

What else can I do as an Engineer?

Engineers don't just have to be working or selling to a big business. The military consists of thousands of engineers. They work behind the computer, as radio men, on recon missions and try to find ways to make weapons that will give their military an advantage in wars. One example of this was during WWll. The U.S. engineers create a weapon of mass destruction after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. They dropped this weapon (atomic bomb) in hiroshima, Japan.
Not everything that an engineer does can be helpful and friendly to everybody