By Megan, Femi, and Paris

The 3 Classes

A person's handwriting exhibits unique characteristics that make it distinguishable from other samples. Handwriting experts examine 12 major categories of exemplars. These 12 characteristics are functions of letter form, line form, and formatting.

12 Types

There are 12 types that are needed to be classified when it comes to looking at handwriting.

  1. Line Quality - Flowing or an erratic shaky letter form
  2. Spacing - The spacing of letters in a word
  3. Size Consistency - Height compared to width of the letters
  4. Continuity - Whether the words are continuous or the pen is lifted
  5. Letter Connection - Are capitals and lower case letters connected in a word
  6. Letter Completion - Are the letters completely formed?
  7. Cursive or Printed - Is it cursive or printed
  8. Pen pressure - is pressure equal over the entire stroke
  9. Slant - Left, right, or varying slant
  10. Line Habits - The letter's position on the line
  11. Fancy Curls/Loops - Are there any fancy loops or curls in the words
  12. Dot your Is and cross your Ts - The position of T crosses and I dots