Disaster in Nepal

Devastating earthquake


Nepal is a small country located in between India amd China. Nepal was struck by two earthquakes, near Kathmandu, the capital. These two earthquakes measures around 7.8 and a 6.9. These two earthquakes were very deadly, killing more than 8,000 people.(Manesh Shrestha, CNN)Nepal has a trail of 5-10 little ear quakes after the main two tremors. The main goal for Nepal right now is to get food and water, then start rebuilding.

How are people being helped?

Ways of helping

There are thousands of people trapped on Nepal. With the 8,000 casualties, it is difficult to find survivors. But the main way is drones. These drones have been proved to be more helpful than humans themselves. They have the ability to fly into small small places and take pictures where humans can't. To help these people out people are going all over the social media.(Stephanie Marsh, ABC news)There are over 800 accounts just to help Nepal.(Siobhan Heanue, ABC news)These accounts consist of food drives/water distribution/ and donating money for shelters and rescue attempts. The accounts are mainly on Facebook, but there are a few on Twitter and Instagram.

Help Nepal

Please on your spare time go to a funding website and just donate a little to these people. There are so many people in need, so if we all pitched together we could change Nepal for the better.