June Newsletter

St. Dominic School 2020-2021

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Principal's Message

Dear St. Dominic Families,

We did it! This is the last monthly newsletter of the 2020-2021. I'll keep it short.

Thank you. Thank you for your support of our school and thank you for entrusting your children to us in the middle of a pandemic.

I hope you all have a safe and restful summer. See you at the food truck nights!

God bless you,

Mrs. Covington

Goodbye, 8th Grade! Congratulations!

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Band Performances

A Message from Mr. Tennant:

It has been an exceptionally challenging year for us all, especially for our band program as we have lots of "holes" in missing parts so some of these songs will sound incomplete, but we have done the best we can under the circumstances to provide an instrumental music program during the pandemic.

I can't express enough appreciation for all our students and families that were able to participate during these challenging times. Most importantly, we are VERY EXCITED about the return of performances next year for our families and student musicians, and are planning a field trip to perform at a CLEVELAND INDIANS GAME in the Spring and a day at the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame and Museum!

SUMMER INSTRUCTION: If your son/daughter is completing his/her first or second year of study, we highly recommend coordinating summer lessons with Mr. Tennant. He will be teaching here at St Dominic on Thursday afternoons throughout the summer for your convenience, and is also available to schedule remote lessons for days other than Thursdays! You can reach Mr. Tennant directly at 216-324-4856. Thank you.

SDS Instrumental Music Spring Virtual Concert VIDEO

May Memories

Field Day

Tomorrow's Leaders Start Here

Each month, this space will include the students who are recognized for being leaders at St. Dominic School. After our Friday masses, Mrs. Covington announces the names of all the student leaders who have been recognized. She will then bring them a bracelet that says "I am a leader at St. Dominic School" and take their picture. Pictures are displayed on the bulletin board off the main entrance area.

Teachers, parents, and fellow students are encouraged to identify students who lead in worshipping, learning, serving, and connecting. These are students who go above and beyond by giving of their time, recognizing a need, and putting others ahead of themselves.

Important Messages From the FEA

Congratulations to next year's FEA Board:

President Kamille Madison

Vice President Katie Sislak

Treasurer Myriam King

Secretary Lindsay Evans

Thank you to Miss Kaiser, Corrine Henning, and Sarah Pick for their hard work in putting on the St. Dominic Show.

Please plan to attend the food truck gatherings this summer.

Bulldog Club News

A Message from Athletic Director Tim Sokal:

Bulldog Nation!

Once again we want to send out a huge Thank You to our coaches, board members, student athletes and our parents for working together through the 2020-2021 pandemic sports season. It was not easy, or ideal, but we were able to get our children to play and exercise in a safe manner. We look forward to a more normal sports season starting this fall.

I will attend the CYO all day meeting on Saturday 6/12 to go over their plans for the 2021-22 season. We will open the registration for the Bulldog Club 2021-22 season starting July 1st and the Fall sports registration shortly there after. Please remember that you have to register for the Bulldog Club each year and also register for each sports season (fall, winter & spring) that your child(ren) would like to participate in. More info will be available on our website at www.stdominicbulldogs.com

Everyone have a wonderful & safe summer!!

Tim Sokal & the Bulldog Club board!

Support SDS While You Shop

Sign up at your grocery store of choice to earn money for St. Dominic School each time you go to the store.

Giant Eagle https://schools.gianteagle.com/ (note: if you have signed up earlier, you don't need to do it again)

Heinens: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/97TQD3Z

Catholic Education in the News

Read here for interesting or informative news about Catholic schools. All over the country, and right here at St. Dominic School, Catholic education is making a difference in the lives of students every day.

Learning to Thrive

"In Cleveland, where every family can take advantage of the Cleveland Scholarship Program, enrollment in Catholic schools that run from kindergarten through eighth grade increased by 2.1 percent overall—and by 13.9 percent in the five Catholic elementary campuses serving the city’s lowest-income northeast neighborhoods—while public school enrollment fell by 5.2 percent."

Partners in Faith Publication

Family Calendar

We now have a digital calendar for school families, which you can synch to your devices. Here is the link for Google calendar: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=info%40stdominicschool.net&ctz=America%2FNew_York

Here is the link for ical: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/ical/info%40stdominicschool.net/public/basic.ics

The iCal must be periodically refreshed to keep it in synch with the Google calendar.