The True Meaning of Swastika!

Eduardo Gamiz 5th

What we thought it really was

The word swastika is from the sanskrit svastika, means :”good fortune”or “well being.” It’s a hooked cross that is used in Neolithic Eurasia, representing how the sun move in the sky. Ever since it's a symbol that is used in Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Odinism. In the mid-19th century the Germans adopted as the their official symbol as Germany and used it for evil and tortured many jewish people and killed many of them very horrible that its unbeliveable. Till this day there are people that are belivers of hitler rule and what they did to many people. Also vandalize many thing in public also they have vandalized Donald Trump Hollywood walk of Fame.

German rule with the Swastika

The swastika was a very very powerful symbol. Back then the Nazi used it to kill many people, but for centuries it had a positive meaning in life. Hitler designed the nazi flag with red, white, and black. Each representing something to the german history also it is a sign that democracy and the weimar republic were over. Red was a social idea of Nazism, white was for nationalism, and the black was the swastika that was changed when they adopted it to negative feelings. Also the Nazis made jewish people were and yellow star on thier clothes to identify them.

So at the end of this I have learned the the Holocaust was hard time for many people that were tortured by the Nazis. it wasn't fun there were many killed and most that survied were still dead of starvation and till this day people are still influcenced by what happend. I cant belive for the Germans have done I am shocked on how terrible it was back then. But many people need to known what has happened back then we must work together and fix our past.

Holocaust documentary