Welcome to London!

Your guide all about London! (Made by Pip)

Tips For Living in London!

Make the Trade!

Some options for an apprenticeship are:






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Top Topics for Conversation



-Royal Family

-Your trade


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-Weight lifting




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-Always Look on the Sunny Side

-Bonnie Bell

-Close the Ranks Firmly

-Dixie's Land with Brilliant Variations

-For the Union We'll Die

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Local Stores and Restaurants

-Maples and Heals


-Marks and Spencer



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Where to Stay

-St. Ermin's Hotel

-The Ritz London

-The Milestone Hotel

-Town Hall Hotel

-The Royal Horseguards

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Resources for Newcomers



-The Ritz Hotel-Hotel and restaurant

-Tower of London-jail

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-Great Expectations


-Google images