Introverts Don't Need to Be CURED

How to Work with Introverts in a School Environment

Introverts and Extroverts.. What type of work do they prefer?

  • Introverts prefer less interactive work such as lectures, independent work, and independent projects
  • Extroverts prefer collaborative work and interactive classrooms

Try to mix up how you teach;

If a student would like to work alone while everyone else is working together, let that student work alone. Chances are, their work will be more efficient than if they were to be forced into a group

Don't pair huge groups together; a group of two to four people is beneficial to introverts while a bigger group may scare them out of wanting to do the work or bring up any ideas

What not to say to an introvert!

"Speak up!"

"You need to participate more."

"Don't be so shy!"

"You never talk."

"Why are you so quiet?"

"You NEED to be more outgoing."

"Come out of your shell!"

To learn more about intoverts watch this video!

Participation and Presenting

  • Participating is a struggle for introverts; if they are not "participating" as you wish don't call them out on it
  • Don't randomly call on an introvert for an answer to a question
  • Grade an introvert on the quality of their work; not how they present it
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