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LGBT Rights

About Me

My name is Shylo and this flyer was created as part of a school project to inform people about LGBT Rights. Scan this QR code to access my online flyer and links.

Things to know about LGBT

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What is LGBT and how does it affect people

Parts of LGBT:

  • Heterosexuality; attraction to the opposite sex
  • Homosexuality; attraction to the same sex
  • Bisexuality; attraction to both sexes
  • Transsexualism; identifying as a different sex than you are born as
  • Asexuality; lack of sexual attraction to any sex
  • Pansexuality; attraction towards all genders

  • year 1975 one of the very first bills that addressed intolerance towards homosexuality, was inevitably ignored by the judiciary committee

Discrimination that knows no limitations

  • Many adolescent are sexual minorities
  • that the chances of suicide, homelessness, or substance abuse for a sexual minority or sexually questioning adolescent vary with the tolerance for sexual variation within the home
  • Daphne Scholinski was forced into psychiatric treatment by their parents at the age 14 years old because of the fact that he is gay
  • Tran’s woman was told that she could not participate in the women's U.S open because they didn't see her as a woman
  • In 1980 court of appeals decided that the discharge was improper and was given back his pay and retroactive promotion. On his gravestone engraved were the words “when I was military they gave me a medal for killing two men and discharged for loving one.”
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Change over the years

  • 1953 Dwight D. Eisenhower the president at the time, banned homosexual citizens from working in federal government. Fearing that they would be too much of a risk
  • 1973 one of the first organizations to support LGBT rights, Lambda legal is an non-profit organization supporting both lesbian and gay rights
  • Christopher street liberation day, and is now considered the first gay pride parade” (Fast Facts).

What LGBT rights mean to society

  • Countless children have been removed from their sexual minority parents
  • In many cases sexual minority adults fought such removal in court and the reporters are filled with our defeats, as well as our more recent successes
  • many other situations, lesbians and gay men did not bring their cases to court, believing that to do so would be fruitless endeavor that would injure their children
  • 14 year old boy who had to endure his father's vocal and physical wrath. The court even rejected the father's request to have the right to “discipline” his son for vulgar ideals such as homosexuality