My Life's Journey

The journey of my life.

My past

I was five when I met my dad for the first time, and when I did I felt a happy.
When I was first started going to school at the age of 6 I felt incredibly nervous.
At the age of ten I began going to a small private school. It was there that I became a christian. This made feel like I was part of a larger community.
During the summer between middle school and high school I had become an atheist because realized that the only reason I was a christian was because I felt like it was mandatory of me.

My current personality

At some point during the 7th grade I had begun to 2nd guess myself to a minor degree and have been doing so ever since.
For my entire life i have been an incredibly relaxed individual, sometimes to point where it annoys those around me.
Ever since I beginning middle school i have always tried to keep a level head and think things through logically.

My plans for the future

Right now I am planning on enlisting in the military and becoming an officer.
No matter what happens retirement will always be involved in my plans for the future.