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Weekly Update

Hey Charlynn, Robin, Kirenraj, Sarah, Wen Yew, Mei Chee, Yan yu, Kween Wai, Candice, May Yin, Qiu Jin and Jolie!

We are back with the Newsletters, sorry for missing out the last two weeks.

We are about to finish the first month of our term and I would like to know how you guys are doing. So far, I have got to know a bit of your country YAY! Went to Johor for EPC, Malacca (in the way) and UTP (so big) for DOTA (not the game but Day of the AIESECers.

For me this has been a very hectic months and I can not be more happy, I feel very energized for the many things that need to happen.

What's up with you? Can't wait to hear how was your 1st mont!!

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As for AIESEC Work, my priorities for this week are:

1. Consultation for planning with VPs.

2. Sales training program (Hunger Games 2.0) release.

3. Information Management on Podio.

4. IC Preparation.

5. NST and intern for VISA selection.

What about you?


If you are entering to Podio you have noticed some activity going on... Have you?

As promised I have finalized the version of iGIP Workspace and we are ready to move our operations there!

We are going to be implementing Podio till July 31th and after that it shall be done for good. By July 26th we will be running a webinar for Questions and Answers.

Moving to Podio means

  1. After finalizing Podio Implementation (July 31th) if your company accounts or operations are not on Podio they don't exist.
  2. All Status change (to available and match) and VISA should be requested on Podio.
  3. TN Forms description need to be updated with the new EP Application form!

Want to know more?

CHECK ON OUR PODIO TUTORIAL (Also available in iGIP Learning Center)

What is your role as VP?

1. Add your members on both work space CRM and IGIP

2. Update all your accounts information (old and potential) into the workspaces.

3. Update your TNs in iGIP work space.

4. Change your TN description on

ALL needs to happen before August, Deadline for this to happen will be July 31st 11:59 pm

This will help us to be more organized on our Companies Relations and will help to make a smooth transition to GIS once this will be implemented, so let's make this happen by July 31st.


We talked on NATCON on implementing the National Sales Team, though due to different realities on the LCs a new version of The Hunger Games will happen.

Each LC will decide how many people will sent and I will recommend the number and strategy on our Consultation Meeting.

You can review the structure and program here. Review on it and give feedback by Friday 25th.

I shall release the last version by Monday Next Week including logistics matters

Call the action

So now, we have already set first steps to run iGIP operations smoothly and train members on the national side, so the ball is on your court and now you only ensure things happen.

1st - Share your priorities with everybody

2nd - Share Podio tutorial with your members and start implementing.

3rd - Review on Hunger Games program and give feedback by Friday 25th

4th - Schedule consultation meeting with me

LET's Make IGIP Happen!