Tenzing Dolma

SYEP Intern Kaiser Permanente

My Experience at Kaiser 2013

I've always been fascinated by the hospital environment. The incessant beeping that echoes through the hospital corridors, the swift strides of the superheroes in white coats, and the pride in assisting a patient, appeal to me. I was certain it was where I wanted to dedicate my life time of service to. I jumped at the chance to be a summer intern at Kaiser Permanente this summer and gain more insight into the vast medical field as a whole.

For approximately two months I had the privilege of working in the Department of Psychiatry with the most dedicated and passionate staff. They mentored me through the various tasks I was assigned, such as the language translation services project in which I inventoried handouts from all the sub departments within Psychiatry and copied as well as ordered them in different languages to accommodate the patients. I also helped create a powerpoint presentation, record minutes at meetings, and set criteria for staff voice mail recordings after calling each one. Through the many projects I was assigned, I learned the importance of efficiency, timeliness, and prioritization.

From this valuable experience, I have learned to be open minded when choosing my career path and will not limit myself to a single profession. Thank you Kaiser, the SYEP staff, my lovely fellow interns and the entire Department of Psychiatry for being inspirational.