Costa Rica

By: Marisa Mahalik

What is the size of Costa Rica's area?

Costa Rica is 19,730 sq miles. It is about the same size as West Virginia.

What is the population of Costa Rica?

There are about 4.3 million people what live in Costa Rica. 94% of Costa Rica's population is spanish.

How well educated and united is Costa Rica?

Generally school is free and it is mandatory for every citizen to get an education by law. They have 96% literacy rate. Costa Rica is very united as a population. This is very important because everyone that is in school needs to learn to read and get an education so they can be the leaders later on.

How large and equipped are it's armed forces?

In 1948 president Jose Ferrer abolished the military after there victory in the civil war. This is not a very good thing because if they are under attack who is going to fight and who is going to be ready to fight.

What are Costa Rica's physical features?

They have rugged mountains, coastal plains, and volcanoes. There volcanoes are some of the largest in the world. This helps them because since they don't have an army, they at least have physical landmarks which would make it harder for another country to take over since they would have to get through the bounderys.

How productive is Costa Rica's economy?

There economy is very stable and was though thought out very well. It was built on market based economy, good regulation, and sustainable policies. This is a very good thing because the better the economy the better all the people in Coasts Rica are living.