Animal Farm

Abreeya Thompson


Napoleon is a egoistic and evil pig. He only cares about himself and his personal needs. To prove that he didn't treat the other animals as equals. When he stated that " All animals are equal." That was said through out most of the book. He also said, " All men are enemies." He went back on his word and ended up agreeing with man. To prove that he sent Boxer a horse to abut her and started to trade with man. Napoleon didn't make Animal Farm as beautiful as he made it seem when there were no more humans.


Equality to me was the main focal point of the book. All of the animal on animal farm we're suppose to be treated as one . That was not the case though. All of the pigs and even the dogs had special treatment. They were able to learn how to read and write. The other animals didn't get this award. The pigs had everything and didn't have to do any work. When all of the other animals had to work their tails off.

Battle of the Cowshed

Battle of the cowshed was the first battle in the book. The animals already suspected something like this would happen so, they were prepared. Mr. Jones and his men came back with weapons to help get his fa back. He failed to do so as the animals won the battle. They ended their victory with awards. Snowball go an award for his bravery durning the battle. Another award went to the sheep who lost their life during the battle of the cowshed. They also song the Beast of England ( national anthem ) to celebrate winning.

Beast of England

Beast of England is the animals national anthem. They would song at their Sunday meetings or even when their were working. It kind of gave them hope or even courage while they song it . The song was also for them to show that Animal Farm will be fine without man.