Articles of Confederation

Advantages vs. Disadvantages by Tommy B.


  • An Army was included for all states to use.
  • There was a national legislature set up in which each state got one vote.
  • National Government was able to build and control an Army.
  • The National Government had the ability to deal with foreign countries on the behalf of states.


  • The National Government could't enforce laws, even if the laws were ratified the states could ignore them.
  • The National Government couldn't tax the states either.
  • For a bill to be passed, it needed 9 out of the 13 state's approval.
  • All 13 states had to agree to amend a law.
  • There was no executive of judicial branches of government.
  • All of these flaws caused the states to suffer economically, especially when the states taxed each other and hurt their trading.

The Reason...

I think that there is one major reason why the people of the Second Continental Congress made this weak government; they did it because they didn't have much time. They were running out of time and they needed an established government before the states took over and made their own countries out of the states. If the US had not have made a government quickly, then the country would have fallen to the states making their own countries.