Tech Talks & Tips

September 13, 2016

Welcome Back Reminders and Tips

  • To find login info and passwords for commonly used sites such as Brain Pop and Discovery Ed, click here to go to the Library Resources page. In the future, you can also find this page by going to your school website, choose Library under the "For Students" dropdown menu, then click on "Resources", and finally on "RSD 6 Elementary Digital Resource Subscriptions". When I get my new site up and running, I'll add a link there, as well.
  • Please continue to put a request in ITDude when your desktop, projector, smartboard, or doc camera has an issue. If I am in your building that day, feel free to ask me to check it out, but definitely put it into ITDude if I'm not there at the moment.
  • For problems with student devices, such as iPads and Chromebooks: set them aside for me for when I am next in your building. I'll try to troubleshoot the issue or I will put in the ITDude request for you and keep track of our student device repairs (and returns).
  • Encourage your students to bring in earphones/earbuds to keep at school. Please notify your principal if a student has a financial need.
  • TIP: If a student is having trouble accessing the same website as everyone else on the Chromebook, or if you are having trouble finding a local printer from your own device - the first thing to check is that you are on your building's wifi and not "Public". This small change can often fix the problem.

Color Printers

Rob is very aware that the color printers are disappearing from our printer options frequently and he is working on getting that fixed. In the meantime, when your computer shuts down, it may lose access to the color printer. To add the printer back to your options when you need it, follow these directions.

Digital Citizenship Pledge

I've now introduced the new Digital Citizenship Pledge in most classes, and will be reaching the remainder by Monday. If you see Sarah Bills, tell her "Great Job!" on writing this new document! If you need to print another copy here are the two versions, as well as the parent letters:

Clean Chromebooks

Build a classroom routine around keeping the Chromebooks clean.

Once a week, or at least every two, provide students with the time and tools to clean their own device. Or, have a committee clean them once a week. (I used to have a few non-band kiddos clean the whole class set of Chromebooks while the band was out of the room each week.) You can use the classroom spray cleaner and paper towels. Remind students to spray the paper towel, not the device directly. I recommend using regular home-style paper towels rather than our brown classroom ones, if possible. Wipes work well, too. If using wipes, start by cleaning the OUTSIDE of the Chromebook, then the screen, then the keyboard last, so that the wipe isn't too wet when contacting the keyboard.

Coming Soon...

Within the next few days, I hope to send you a request to pick a regular Tech Talk time for your class. We'll be using the Digital Citizenship Curriculum from Common Sense Media with all grade levels.
Additionally, I am available to help with curriculum related digital projects. As we get going, we can occasionally use the Tech Talk time for student projects, or I can come for additional visits to your classroom for those projects. I'll be sharing ideas related to curriculum units throughout the year.