Manuel Noriega

Panama Dictator

Manuel's Early Life

  • Manuel was born February 11th, 1934 in a poor area of Panama City, Panama.
  • He was given up for the adoption at the age of five.
  • Manuel Noriega went to a very well-educated school with every intention of becoming a doctor, but his family couldn't afford to send him to medical school.
  • Instead, Manuel graduated from Chorrios Military Academy in 1962 with a degree in engineering.
  • He became a sublieutenant in the national guard when he returned to Panama.

Road to Becoming a Dictator

  • Manuel Noriega was acquired as the command of Chiriqui. During this time is when Manuel's career really blossomed.
  • He became involved in United States intelligence activities, and Noriega quickly became involved in drug deals.
  • President Nixon was asked by a high-ranking drug enforcement to order Manuel Noriega's assassination, but Nixon did not follow through.
  • Manuel Noriega was the second most powerful man of Panama, and when Colonel Omar Torrijo's died in 1981, Noriega arose to power.
  • Noriega was now accused of smuggling, money laundering, torture, murder, and selling United States information to Cuba and Eastern European governments.
  • Panamanian's demanded the removal of Noriega from power. He took action and suspended constitutional rights, closed newspapers and radio stations, and drove his political enemies into exile.
  • The United States eventually stepped in to call for him to resign and leave the country.
  • He put up a fight but eventually surrendered and remained in prison for many years.

How was Manuel Noriega able to rise to power in spite of his involvement with the United States and harsh accusations against him?

This video shows how evil Manuel Noriega really was as a dictator. He is waving a machete while giving a speech to show power over his country and maybe in a way threaten them by showing him who has the power. You can tell by the way he talks with so much anger that he is power crazy.