Haitian Revolution



The Haitian Revolution took place in 1791 and ended in 1804, and mostly took place in Saint Dominique. . This revolution happened under the rule of Toussaint L'Ouverture. He led an army of self-freeing, black slaves to help fight against the white slave owners. They fought against the whites to fight for equality, and most of all, freedom.

My quotation:

"We have read part of the address of the black general Dessalines, on the declaration of the independence of St. Domingo. On this subject we presume there are few who entertain dissimilar sentiments: the right to proclaim independence was unquestionably inherent in the people of that island, and there is not a doubt but that the colonial system, pursued since the assumption of the supreme authority of France by Bonaparte, provoked the severance at an earlier period than it would otherwise have taken place. The United States are necessarily much interested in St. Domingo."

Explanation of quote:

This quote is telling us that independence isn't in the person, it is what you fight for. You should fight for equality, and it wont be just given to you.


This revolution gave Thomas Jefferson, president of the U.S. at the time of the revolution, fear of racial instability. Which means, the revolt of the slaves in Saint Dominique caused the United States´ slaves to revolt against their owners as well. These revolts of the slaves caused war between the states. Jefferson also limited and almost got rid of the trade system between Haiti and the U.S. because of the revolts. Jefferson also tried to take the colony from L'Ouverture and his followers by making the French do it. They obviously did not succeed, as Haiti finally gained its independence.