Literary Term

1st Person-A character from the story is the narrator.

"I was doing a story on homeless people."

"I knew what she was trying to tell me."

It continuously uses "I" in the story which shows that it is 1st person.

Imagery-the author's way of making the story seem real

"To the old people reduced to sitting on molded, plastic chairs, their skin blue-white in the lights of the bus station."

Its describing the scenery of the bus station.

Theme-The main idea or message.

"I think it would b better of if we forgot about the broad stokes and concentrate on the details."

It is showing how she realizes to focus on the details than the broad strokes.pg:463

Setting-where the story takes place

"I the light of the bus station."

Most of the story take place at the bus station.


Resolution-the end of the story and where all the problems have be solve.

"No window to look upon the world. My god that's everything"

This show that the interviewer is tried of hearing Ann"s story. Pg:463