The Four Postulates

Gustavo Backhoff

What are the Four Postulates

Natural selection can be viewed as the outcome of 4 postulates this unequal ability of individuals to survive and reproduce will lead to gradual change in the population, with favorable characteristics accumulating over time and may eventually result in the formation of a new species


There is lots of variabilities within species. Without it there would be nothing for selection to act upon. So no evolution.
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2. Some of these variations are passed on to offspring

This means that the certain variations that the animal from the species had can be passed down to its off spring and it can thrive from it. Without the ability to pass down variations there would be no way for natural selection to work.
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3. In every generation, more offspring are produced than can survive

The environment cant support every living organism that is born and therefore only the fittest will survive. This means that animals with characteristics that make them thrive better than other will survive. And due to the fact that variations are passed down to off springs in in every generation more offsprings are produces that can survive.
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4. The survival and reproduction of individuals are not random:

Individuals who survive and go on to reproduce are those with the best abilities to survive. This means that creatures with traits that help them survive will be able to pass down their genes and variations and therefore their survival is not random.
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