Mel's *Arbonne* May Newsletter

Workshops - Product Spotlight - Gift for you!

My favourite month!

Well I can't believe it's May already. Why is it my favourite month? It's my BIRTHDAY month! But guess what, I feel like giving you the presents! Keep reading to find out more :)

This month I have been doing a lot of playing around with the new products that were released last month. I don't know how Arbonne keep doing it but the products seriously keep getting better & better.

Well I hope you enjoy reading my second newsletter. As you know I love sharing these products, they have changed my skin & the business has given me much more than I expected it would.

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Available until the end of business tomorrow... Our Make Up Essentials Pack

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- Make up Primer

- Bronzer

- It's a long story Mascara

- Sheer Glow Highlighter

All for only $128! That's a saving of $88!!!

*To order please contact me directly so I can get i at this price for you :)


What is a Workshop?

It is a fun chance to get some friends/family together to test out Arbonne's products in the comfort of your own home & in your comfy clothes!

What does it involve?

Testing out what ever products you would like to try! My products are your products!

What do you get for 'hosting' a workshop?

As Arbonne is a word of mouth business our hosts are generously rewarded. I was so excited for 2 of my recent hosts who received 5 products of their choice for FREE!! An average workshops usually sees hosts receiving $600 - $800 worth of products for only $100-$200. Unbelievable! Just another reason to love Arbonne :)

***If 2 of your friends/family choose to book in their own workshop YOU get an EXTRA $100 to spend on products of your choice!!

**PLUS** our Fantastic -Host Rewards-

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I have fallen in love with our new Nourishing Facial Oil! My already changed skin feels amazing thanks to this product! I was hesitant to give it a try in the beginning as my skin can sometimes lean towards the oily side, however this oil drys like your not even wearing it! My skin tone has improved even more!!
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To celebrate my birthday I'm sharing with you my consultant discount of 35% off for orders above $100 for the entire month of JUNE :)

*Contact me directly if you would like to stock up on some products x

Playing with new products!

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Products used:

- Prime & Proper Eye Primer

- It's a long story Mascara

- Easy on the Eyes Brow Pencil (Medium)