Blog No.1

By: Manroop Duhra

Animal Abuse

What moves you to create social change?

Stopping animal testing is very important. Animals loves are at cost. Its unfair that us humans have the right to hurt animals. There are many other way we can get over a stressed life or get our anger out instead of hurting an animal. What gives us the right to abuse an animal. Change in general is very important. Some times change can be the best for you and stopping animal abuse the change thats best for everyone.

Why is your topic important?

My topic is very important. Just like humans have rights animals should too. Animals shouldn't be abused or getting hurt by their owners or us humans. Animals are very important tot his world and we shouldn't be hurting them or causing them any type of harm or pain.

What makes you excited about the SAP? What makes you apprehensive about the SAP?

What makes me excited is that can help someone or something in need of my help. What makes me apprehensive is that not getting a response that would help me and presenting my final presentation.

What it is your biggest hope in creating social change? How will you achieve this?

My biggest hope in creating social change is creating more awareness info animal abuse because humans think " oh its just animals whatever" when really animals are a big part of this world. I will try to achieve this by contacting the people I am planning on contacting and raising awareness.

What actions have you already done? What is your plan moving forward when it comes to implanting further actions?

I have written a letter to Ontario SPCA. I plan on interviewing people that have ben involved in this case for many years for example a veterinarian and a animal shelter. I plan on also having a phone interview with Ontario SPCA