the girl who owned a city

why i picked todd

Todd is a stong ,hardworking character in the book The Girl Who Owned The City.

lisa's speech

lisa's speech

We are all going to be okay only if everyone knows that coming up will be the hardest time of your life. Chicago and Weeten are teaming up to come and fight us. We need more security.Concrete will be broken and mixed with glass . We will put some on the ground and some will be put on the door so they will not come and fight us again. They might try more ways to get in they might get get hurt but they hurt me.They hurt all of us . I got shot , but I am not going to make this all about me. T ell me what he did to all of you . If he threatened to kill kill you , soon he will be dead . Then his army will want to come hurt us but they will get cut from the glass. And they will not want to come again . Jill and todd are okay and I hope every one here is okay to . we will all be safe.