Illegal Wildlife Trade

Animals Endangered

Certain Animals That Are Being Exploited

  1. Turtles- Testudines
  2. Tigers- Panthera Tigris
  3. Crocodiles- Crocodylidae
  4. Sharks- Selachimorpha


Sharks are located in Oceans and you can typically find some in fresh water. Even though sharks are on the top of food chain, Every year we kill more than 100 million sharks, just for commercial and recreational purpose. Sharks are common seafood in Australia, Japan and in northern India. Though their fins are tasteless, shark fin soup is considered a status symbol in Asian countries. The hunting of sharks is very sad fishermen capture live sharks, fin them and dump the finless animals back into the water. Soon after the sharks die. Shark fins are one of the major trades within black markets all over the world. Shark activists are really working hard to save these sharks, they have boycotted shark products, banning commercial fishing, using sea food guides to buy and consume only shark friendly and non threatened fish.

Endangered Species Act

  • No hunting
  • No research on animals unless government approved
  • Animals shall not be owned by any humans unless approved by government
  • Animals shall not be sold for business purposes.
  • Animals should not be taken away from their home: leave them ALONE!

Any one found breaking this law or act shall be prosecuted facing a lifetime of jail and 100,000 dollar fine.