Earth's twin

kepler 452b

Could this planet be the next Earth???

  • common name: sully
  • radius: 10,500,000 meters
  • Diameter: 21,000,000 meters
  • distance from its sun: 58,000 meters
  • average temp.: unknown
  • average length of a day: unknown
  • length of a year(orbital period): 385 day orbit
  • amount of moons: unknown
  • doesn't have any rings

Traveling to kepler 452b

Kepler 452b is approximately 1,400 c years away from is twin aka Earth. In regular earth years its approximately 14,000 years away. The age that i would be currently if i lived there would be about 13 years, and the age i'm now is 14 years old. If i traveled today to this planet i would be about 196,000 years old.

Facts, Facts, & Facts

Expected problems heading to kepler 452b

Problems that could be overcome

Traveling time would take too long since the expected time is about 14,000 years. We could travel through black holes because it would take a less amount of time. One problem is people wouldn't have a chance to live on the planet if the straight travel time takes 14,000 years. Another problem would be is this planet suitable for growing crops? To overcome this problem we could develop indoor areas, like greenhouses, where normal outside crops would grow inside. Finally, the last problem that could occur with traveling to the new planet would be if that temperature isn't livable. Since the planet's temperature is unknown it's hard to tell if it's the same or different as here on Earth. To overcome this situation is maybe to do more tests, and to see if we get a more accurate response of the planet's temperature.

We are finding the next Earth