Important Updates from EUSD

August 20, 2021

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Updates in this communication include:

  • First Week of School
  • Back to School Night
  • Employee Vaccinations

Dear EUSD Families,

What an incredible first week of school! New teachers, new friends, lots of connections and an exciting week of learning to kick off 2021-2022. There is something special about the first day and week. Families, students and teachers all jumped into the year with optimism and enthusiasm. I hope conversations around the dinner table this last week were filled with great stories about the first week!

I have spoken with a number of parents this week in regards to quarantine. We had students across the district that had to miss their first days of school because of exposures that happened outside of school forcing at home quarantine. Additionally, I spoke with families that had students that had to stay home because they had symptoms and parents had to tell them they too would miss the first day. This is all so incredibly disappointing and challenging for families and children. As a parent, I cannot imagine how hard that would be. In all of these situations, we collectively want to keep our students and staff safe. Continuing to keep schools open, continuing to keep students in school requires all of us to do our part. Thank you to our families for making sure students only come to school healthy and free of symptoms and thank you to our families for following all quarantine and isolation guidance. It is not easy or convenient, but it is necessary and important.

When your child has symptoms at home, we encourage you to get a PCR test rather than doing an at home kit or rapid antigen test. At home tests have caused a lot of confusion for families and for notification purposes. This sometimes delays our ability to respond appropriately and expeditiously. Free testing is available for all families at the San Diego County Testing Sites. Click here for the information.

Back to School Night

We are excited to offer an in person Back to School Night. We recognize this requires careful planning of safety measures. We are asking for your cooperation and understanding to ensure it is a success. First, there will be a virtual option open to everyone. Next, there will be two sessions available for sign up for in person Back to School presentations. To limit the number of adults in the classroom at a given time, we are allowing only one adult per household. A student with two households would have two adults. The teacher will assign times to balance numbers. No children can attend this event as this is specifically an opportunity for the parents or guardians to hear about the curriculum, procedures and expectations for the year. Masks must be worn by adults indoors. Please look for more specific information about dates and times from your site principal or PTA newsletter.

Employee Vaccinations

As you may have heard, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that California will require public and private schools to verify that workers are fully vaccinated or tested regularly. Unvaccinated workers will be required to be tested weekly for COVID-19 and will be required to wear appropriate personal protective equipment, including face coverings.

Thank you for sending us the most incredible children! It is a joy to see them return to school!


Andrée Grey


Encinitas Union School District