Don't smoke or you will choke

Two ways smoking is bad

Smoking is bad in many different ways. For example it can give you cancer which is a deadly disease that can kill a human. Another way smoking is bad for you is emphysema which can damage the lungs and then that gives you shortness of breath when you walk or run. The tissues in your body break eventually and the alveoli trap the lungs with no air and its difficult to move and you will probably collapse from exaltation.
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More ways smoking is bad

More ways smoking is bad for you is that it can damage the heart, blood vessels, lungs, eyes,mouth,organs, respiratory system and bladder. That then can effect you when your older and could cause death young. An disease that is also caused is atherosclerosis which a waxy substance called plaque builds in the arteries and over time plaque hardens and narrows the arteries. This lower the blood rate in the body
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